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Swensen’s Grill & Ice Cream Parlor

Swensen’s is under new management and I liked it!

Having been to the original Swensen’s in year’s past and enjoyed  the old fashioned vibe, I was excited to go this time and see what changes new management has done to the restaurant and to the menu.  I didn’t really notice changes in the decor, it still has an old fashion feel to the restaurant but the big change is in the menu.  Unfortunately, the parking issue that was one of my complaints in the past has not change. 🙁

We went on a Sunday afternoon as we were originally headed to Walls old fashioned ice cream nearby, but my husband spotted the Swensen’s sign and we took a detour.  We were seated quickly and our server was pleasant, and didn’t rush us to order, answered our questions about the new menu.

We started with a generous portion of The Nacho Explosion, tortilla chips topped with cheese sauce, jalapeños, sour cream and  pico de gallo.

Swensen's Nachos
Swensen’s Nachos


My husband and son both decided to order the classic burger and fries with a delicious vanilla shake, yum! No description needed, very good tasting burger and fries according to my husband and son. I love it when they like what they ordered, makes Mama happy.


Swensen's Classic Burger
Swensen’s Classic Burger


And my absolute favorite of that Sunday’s dinner was the Truffled Mac & cheese with parmesan cheese and herbs, so good.  Although, I really wanted the lobster mac & cheese but on that particular day, they were out of seafood, but my substitute did not disappoint.

Swensen's Truffle Mac & Cheesef
Swensen’s Truffle Mac & Cheese

For dessert, not sure how we had room for dessert but after all, we had made a detour for ice cream, we ordered the Baked chocolate chip cookie a la mode, a warm cookie baked in a skillet topped with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce a cherry on top.

Great place for kids as they will go nuts with all the ice cream options. Definitely recommend Swensen’s for lunch, dinner or anytime meal.



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