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Pinchers in Historic Tin City

Pinchers in Naples, Florida

Pincher's feature image


We found Pinchers by accident as someone had recommended another restaurant in the same marketplace of Historic Tin City.  However, when we arrived to the recommended restaurant, it was not what we had been anticipating.  We decided to walk around the marketplace and came across this very lively restaurant with waterfront seating.


Waterfron view
Waterfront View

I particularly loved the colors, very colorful, greens, blues, yellows and pinks.  It had a Caribbean feel to it, so we decided to try it out and requested seating by the window.   We were just in luck a table had just opened up by the window.  The scenery was so pretty, watching the boats dock to dine at Pinchers and watching the boaters pass by or paddle surfers paddle by.  Loved it!


Pinchers waterfront
Pinchers waterfront


The hostess took grabbed a big piece of parchment paper and asked us to follow her, she placed the brown paper on our table and I later realized the reason behind the paper.   Soon after our server Tania came over to welcome us and take our drink order.

To begin our meals we ordered a dish that my whole family enjoys and that is the fried calamari (hope my cardiologist don’t see this post, can’t have fried foods).  One of my favorite starters at any restaurant.


Pinchers fried calamari
Pinchers Fried Calamari


After glancing the Crabtastic menu both my son and I wanted to eat Crab but at $24.99 a pound, we decided to share just 1 lb. with two sides, he opted for french fries (natural and fresh) and I of course ordered the Cole Slaw, both sides were very good and plenty for the two us.


Pinchers Crabstastic menu
Pinchers Crabstastic Menu

We were brought a Pinchers bucket with the utensils that we will need to use on our crab. How cute is this bucket?


Pinchers seafood utensils
Pinchers Seafood utensils

And here is our 1 lb. of Alaskan Crab claws with warm butter, lemon wedges, fresh french fries and Cole Slaw, really, there is nothing missing on this platter.  Simply Delicious!


Pinchers Alaskan crab
Pinchers Alaskan Crab


My husband didn’t want to deal with the messiness that goes with eating crab or any kind of shellfish so he went safe and ordered the Mahi-Mahi platter with mash potato and coleslaw.  I know it looks plain but it was very good.


Mahi Mahi platter
Mahi Mahi, mash potatoe and cole slaw platter


Location, atmosphere, view, service and  food  has been everything that we look for in a restaurant.

My other son decided to deviate from the seafood theme and ordered a chicken parmagian.  I know, I know, I too, wondered why but he was in the mood for chicken and pasta.  He was happy with his choice although he would sneak a few crab claws from his brother and I.


Pinchers chicken parmigiana
Pinchers chicken Parmigiana


Overall, this place lived to our expectations even though it was not a planned stopped.  If you are in the Naples, Florida area and are looking for casual waterfront dining, this is a great spot.  You can drive to Tin City or if you have a boat, just dock behind and go right in.  Enjoy!


Pinchers colorful dining


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