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Mexican Fast Food at its best

Found a new Mexican Grill – Salsa Fiesta


Salsa Fiesta Urban Grill
Salsa Fiesta Urban Grill


My son and I found Salsa Fiesta Urban Grill by accident.  We had just left the Doctor’s office nearby and having skipped lunch I wanted my son to try a restaurant that I had tried a few years back  in The Palms Shopping Center in Kendall area.  When we got to the shopping center we looked for the restaurant and it appears that it was no longer there but rather a new Salsa Fiesta Urban Grill had taken its place.  Obviously it is a Mexican establishment but haven’t heard of them before, we walked around to see if any of the adjacent restaurants called our attention.  However, we ended up going back to Salsa Fiesta to check it out.  As a blogger I am always looking for new places to tell my readers about so this was the perfect opportunity for new material.

The restaurant is pretty big inside, very clean and although it was empty at the time that we got there, after we sat down people were coming in.  We asked a girl that was at the counter if we sit ourselves or wait to be seated and she said that we take the menus from the entrance and once we are ready to place our order we go to the counter to order, given a number to place on the table and our food would be brought to our table. The menus are simple but plenty of pictures that show you exactly what you are ordering and the pictures do the food justice.

FYI- ask about their Happy Hour specials, not sure if it is an every day special but today, Tuesday, was buy one starter and get one free, not sure if the same goes for drinks, so make you that you ask.

If you are familiar with Mexican cuisine, they have a drink that is made from rice called Orchata which we also have in my home country of Ecuador, so for me, it is a must have drink as in Miami you don’t find this drink often. If you do order this drink I suggest that you order it with no ice as the ice once melted waters the drink down and the taste is no longer what it should be.



Being that the starters were buy one get one free, I think my son and I went a little too happy ordering appetizers and ended up taking home some of our food that we did not touch.

My son ordered a Tortilla soup, that looked and tasted delicious. The soup had beans, pasta tubes, tortilla chips and cheese

Tortilla Soup
Tortilla soup

From the beginning while glancing at the menu, the Chili-lime grilled corn with Cotija cheese called my attention so I ordered it. It was delicious, it might my love of lime but I can’t wait to go back for more.

Chili-Lime grilled corn
Chili-Lime grilled corn

Another starter or appetizer that we ordered were the cheese taquitos with a guava sauce.  Very similar to a Tequeno.

Cheese Taquitos with Guava Sauce
Cheese Taquitos with Guava Sauce


Our next starter/appetizer was the Guacamole with corn chips, it was so fresh, very flavorful and big portions as you can see in the picture.


Guacamole & Chips
Guacamole & Chips @ Salsa Fiesta


Our entrees soon arrived and there was no way that I was going to eat this big traditional burrito. I mean it was huge but looked so delicious.  The dish comes with tortilla chips.  There is a salsa bar in the back where you are free to get the sauce of your choice and lime.

Traditional Burrito


My son ordered a Steak Taco Salad, the shell was soft but crispy at the same time, all the ingredients were fresh  and plentiful

Taco Salad
Taco Salad


We then asked for our dessert that we had ordered at the beginning when we placed our order.   Mayan roll- a deep fried chocolate roll that comes with home made whipped cream and caramel.  The whipped cream was so soft and fresh and the caramel sauce was thin and very delicious.  The chocolate inside the roll, even though my son thought it was Nutella, had a taste of true chocolate from Mexico.  I don’t know if you have ever bought Mexican chocolate at the store but it has a distinct taste.

Mayan Roll with Whipped Cream and Caramel
Mayan Roll With Whipped cream and Caramel

In summary, I loved Salsa Fiesta.  Casual atmosphere, nice location, plenty of parking, outdoor and indoor seating options, great service and the most important thing, the food is great.



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