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First Watch Daytime Cafe

Healthy breakfast at First Watch Daytime Cafe


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I took last Friday off from work in order to take advantage of the Florida no sales tax back to school promotion, if you are not familiar with this promotion, every year, the state of Florida offers parents a tax free shopping for school related items, in previous years, it was a whole week but this year it was only 3 days, so I took advantage and decided that I might get more for my money at a bigger mall such as  Sawgrass Mills  in Sunrise, Florida.    I woke up my kids pretty early, if you want to call 8:00 a.m. early, and left to Sunrise without any breakfast.   Since we got to the mall early I decided to stop and grab a good breakfast with my kids; however, since we are not familiar with the area, well, at least what is outside the mall, itself, I relied on my Yelp application on my phone to find me nearby breakfast restaurants.  First Watch Daytime Cafe was the first one that showed as it was right across the Sawgrass Mills mall,  so we followed Yelp’s directions.  Somehow, I had a little issue finding the place as it is not a stand alone restaurant but inside a shopping center.


First Watch
First Watch Entrance

Parking was no issue as it was early and the shopping center had plenty of parking available.  We walked in and seeing people waiting inside and also outside, I decided to first ask how long of a wait there is before I give my name, the hostess said that the wait will be about 15 to 20 minutes, so we stayed.

I’d say that it was less than 10 minutes and the Manager came outside to get us and take us to our table.  We were seated, given the paper menus and soon after a very nice lady came to ask for our drink order, of course, I ordered coffee,  I needed a pick me up.   At fist my kids and I didn’t know what type of restaurant First Watch, I mean, we knew it was a breakfast place by the name, Daytime Cafe, but after glancing the menus, we realized that it was a healthy restaurant with fresh ingredients.  Okay, as you know, healthy food  can be expensive, but this was okay.  After all, I was on a budget as I had school shopping to do, but I stayed within my budget, both at First Watch and the shopping, just in case you are wondering.  🙂


First Watch Menu
First Watch Menu

I found that fact that there were no canister of white refined sugar on the tables but this little round bottle with brown sugar with a spout so charming. Of course, there were the little packets of artificial sweeteners.

Brown Sugar
Brown Sugar

From where my kids and I were seated we had a view of the pantry and the kitchen, the pantry was stacked like the isles at the grocery store are stacked. So Neat!  Almost like the guy in the movie Sleeping with the Enemy, Freaky.

Pantry @First Watch
Pantry @First Watch- neatly stacked


Okay, now to our great tasting food.  I ordered  The Salmon frittata , a frittata with pieces of salmon and mushrooms, a mixed green salad with a citrusy dressing and a Chibatta piece of bread. A Well balanced breakfast, which to be honest, I hardly ever eat except on the weekends that my family and I go out for breakfast.


Salmon Frittata @First Watch
Salmon Frittata @First Watch


My youngest ordered their Waffle platter.  A waffles sprinkled with cinnamon powder and powder sugar, a scrambled egg(his preference), two pieces of bacon and warm syrup.  My son said that his waffle tasted fresh and the smell of cinnamon was driving him crazy, to the point, where he wanted to me to smell it.  If you have picky eaters, they would love this dish and you will be a happy mom as they are getting a balanced meal.


Waffles @First Watch
Waffles @First Watch


My oldest son who is a foodie just like me, ordered the Chickichanga.  I think this is their version of the chimichanga.  The Chickicanga is made with whipped eggs,  spicy all natural white meat chicken, chorizo, green chilis, cheddar and monterey cheese and avocado in a flour tortilla, topped with a green sauce and sour cream, home potatoes and a side of fruit(grapes, pineapple, melon and watermelon).


Chikichanga @First Watch
Chickichanga @First Watch


I was very impressed with this restaurant that we found unexpectedly.  The food and service was excellent.  Writing this post, I wanted to give as much information on them as I could, so I went to their website and found that they have several locations in Broward County. Unfortunately, not in my area.

  • Their food is made from scratch when you arrive, they use no heat lamps or deep fryers to warm your food.
  • The restaurant is only open for Breakfast, Brunch and Lunch.
  • You get newspaper and a fresh pot of coffee.


Great alternative to the usual Dennys or Ihop that we are more familiar with.  They just need to open a First Watch down south by my neck of the woods.




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