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Bocas Grill in Kendall

If you like churros, you will surely enjoy the churro shakes

from Boca Grill in Kendall

I am a foodie at heart and many times my family ends up being dragged to new places that I either have heard about from colleagues in the blogging world or family members. I admit, sometimes, the experience has not been the best and I guess that is why my family is not always excited to come along.

I follow BOCAS HOUSE in my social media and I have seen the outrageous shakes the people posts so I obviously thought this place was a desert only restaurant, well, yesterday morning, while at my nail lady, I mentioned that I will be taking my family to Bocas House in Doral and she told me to try the macaroni with peppers and that’s when I realized that they are a full service restaurant.  I also realized that they have a location in my area of Kendall that recently opened by the name of Bocas Grill so we decided to give it a try.

Bocas Grill
Bocas Grill Restaurant front

Bocas Grill is located in the Petco shopping center, so parking is not that big a of a deal as there is plenty as long as you don’t park toward the adjacent Italian restaurant that I will not name.  When we got there, there were people waiting outside and we were told the wait time will be of about 20 minutes. Honestly, the wait time seem a little longer.

When they called our name, we were given the first table by the door which at first we didn’t think much of it but we soon realized that it was not the best seating option as the customers who were leaving or picking up their to go orders, would knowingly or unknowingly would swipe my chair, it happened many times, the other issue with the seating near the door, which I don’t recommend is that fact that every time the door opens, the wave of the Miami heat from outside hits you.  This is the only complaint that I have of Bocas Grill.

Bocas Grill
Bocas Grill

The service was great, the server was very nice, attentive.  The water and napkins on our table were refilled at all times.  The place is small, the sign on the wall says that the maximum capacity is of 39 customers.  Anyway, I was excited to try their food and their churro shakes.

Bocas Grill Menu
Bocas Grill menu

I ordered the Tostones with grilled shrimp and guacamole, about 4 big crispy tostones topped with fresh guacamole, grilled onions, grilled tomatoes and grilled shrimp.  Very good!

Tostones with shrimp & Guacamole
Tostones with Shrimp & Gucacamole

My oldest con ordered a burger by the name of Cesar Burger, the said it was very good, actually, he said what made the burger was the guacamole, the bread he said was not the special. But he was a happy customer.

The Cesar Burger
The Cesar Burger

My youngest son, not being very hungry, ordered a Dulce de Leche churro shake, I have to warn you guys that these shakes are pricey, about $16.00 but I guess is not bad as there is no way , this is a one person shake. The shake is presented in a Bocas Grill mug with a caramel crunchy outer rim, a heavy layer of caramel at the bottom of the mug in order for the mug to keep still on the plate, at the top of the mug a caramel churro cap, one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream and to top it off an icing churro cap. What I liked about their shakes is that there are so many different layers but definitely  made for sharing.

Dulce de leche churro shake
Dulce De leche churro shake

After my oldest son finished his Cesar Burger, he still had room for a churro shake and he chose the Cookies and cream churro shake. This was a vanilla ice cream shake with cookies crunch around the rim of the mug, a chocolate fudge at the bottom of the mug to secure the mug to the plate, a chocolate churro cap, one or two scoops of vanilla ice cream and another chocolate churro cap to finish it off.  A bomb! a good bomb!

cookies and cream churro shake
cookies and cream churro shake

Overall, it was a good experience, my kids want to go back for their shakes and I want to go back to try the Chicha drink which I heard brings condense milk.

This is a Peruvian-Venezuelan fusion that works well. Their menu has Peruvian food such a chaufa which is a traditional Peruvian rice and of course the Venezuelan staple, the Arepas.

If you are in the kendall area I recommend  trying them out.  Hopefully in the near future they can expand to a bigger location but in the meantime, we have another great dining place in our kendall area.




  1. Wow! Everything sounds so delish! There is a place in NJ that I believe is called Coney Waffles that serves similar shakes that are huge and topped with a bunch of goodies. Although the ones pictured here seem to look a lot bigger. I wouldn’t even know how to start eating and drinking that thing but it sure looks good!

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